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Coffee Bar/Console/Buffet Table


Custom Coffee Bar/Console/Buffet table handmade to your specifications. Whatever your area you need to put it in, we can make it fit.  Can be used in the Kitchen as a coffee bar, Dining room as a buffet table, Living room behind your sofa, or in the entryway to catch your keys. 

We have 75 different colors of Vintage Market and Design Furniture Paint with a multitude of different finishes to choose from.  We can use any color stain as well for the shelf tops or the whole piece. 

Price varies depending on size, please contact us before purchasing. 

Pictured and priced is 38.5"x12"x36.5"


***SHIPPING*** Shipping Subject to change. Contact us PRIOR to purchasing. We will get quotes for you to choose from.
**Local pick up available**

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#2 Bar or Buffet Table.jpg
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