Handmade Overview

Homemade is product made or prepared at home, locally, or by the maker's own efforts.


Kitchen Island

This can be considered a repurpose one too.  We took an old cart frame, made doors for it, painted, hardware for the doors and locking wheels and added a beautiful counter top. 


Farmhouse Kitchen/Dining Table

7.5 ft long, counter height Farmhouse table with Bench seat.  Dark stained top with white distressed base. 

Chairs were bought from Ashley Furniture.


Round Farmhouse X-Brace Table

Round 42" kitchen/dining table. Dark stain top with Cotton White base. Country feel with the X-brace base. 


Kids Time Out Bench

Kid size for their misbehaving years.  Painted and sealed.  This one has a crossword type puzzle of all of their grandchildren's names.  




Custom Toy Chest

John Deere colored toy chest with Monogram. Made with tung and grove wood, and cedar wood  trim. 



X-Brace Console Table

Farmhouse style console table with 3 stained shelves and painted trim and sides. Perfect for storage bins to hide all the unwanted clutter from laying around.