Repurposing Overview

Repurposing is the use of something for a purpose other than its original intended used. Repurposing an item can be done by modifying it to fit a new use, or by using the item as is in a new way.


Old Window Home Decor

An old window we cleaned up and used a dry brush technique with Vintage Market and Design Furniture Paint Capri, sealed with a clear coat and added a vinyl cut out quote.


Door Chandelier

Here we took an old closet door, used a Salt Wash technique with Red and Blue colors.  Drilled holes thru the door for the multi level cords to come thru for the Edison bulbs to connect to.


Colorful Potted Chair

A child size chair turned into a colorful potted chair.  We used Unicorn Spit paint in a spray bottle to get the splatter look. Can be used for real or fake flowers, inside or outside of the home.