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Vintage Market & Design®

Paper It!

Matte Decoupage Medium

Our own truly matte decoupage medium.

Use this with either papers or fabrics.

  • Brush a layer of Paper It! onto the surface you are covering.

  • Brush paper It! on the back of the paper or fabric.

  • Place paper or fabric on the surface.

  • Use brush with Paper It! to flatten the paper or fabric onto the surface.

  • For thicker paper and fabric, use an old Credit Card to squeeze the excess Paper It! from underneath and to smooth any air bubbles.

  • Allow to dry

  • You can then add any additional effects, with VM&D paint, waxes, accent waxes and then seal with any of the Clear Coat finishes.

http://www.vintagepaperandpaint.com?afmc=25 < Copy this link to be transferred to Vintage Market and Designs website to see all of the beautiful colors of Furniture Paint and finishes that we do not offer in our store yet. You will be sent to their website and if you order from there it will come from them, not Rustic Home.

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Additional Info

  • Apply 

    Rustica De Luxewith a small putty knife or brush onto the surface wherever you wish the effect to show on your piece.

    • You may use vaseline as a resist before applying Rustica De Luxe
    • Rustica De Luxe may also be applied over VM&D Crackle It!
  • Allow Rustica De Luxe to start to dry.
  • You may use a small brush to manipulate or drag any Rustica De Luxe on the piece until you see the effect desired.
  • Allow to dry at least 3-8 hours (depending on humidity levels in your area)
  • You can now apply VM&D Waxes, VM&D Atelier Glazes, VM&D Furniture Paint and.or VM&D Clear Coat to seal.